Khalifa Nargis

Breath of God
Wine from the tavern
Khalifa Nargis


God, the centre, or positive force, creates the negative from Himself, thus making capacity - i.e. Akasha - and worlds are born.


A creation must be negative to its creator. As Eve was negative to Adam - distinct from him, and yet being made from Adam - could have no existence apart from him. So the universe is not God, and yet is not « not God »; emanating from Him, it is therefore of Him.


Spirit-matter, or substance, of which is formed all created things, is the Breath of God. He outbreathes, and a world takes birth. At His inbreathing, it ceases to be. Being created, it contains within itself, as must all creations - the hour of its cessation as a concrete form, and returns to its original condition of pure spirit. In the act of outbreathing, breath becomes dual, and from Kemal (perfection) arises Jelal and Jemal (positive and negative). Thus is formed the substance of a world of duality, which in its essence is pure spirit; but in manifestation becomes solid.


As the breath is exhaled it gradually becomes more and more substantial, until it entirely solidifies, and in this condition is known as substance or matter.


« Outward form is an illusion, which dissolves at the word of God.»



« Matter is a state of spirit.»

Inayat Khan




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