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The heart of man is The abode of God
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Khalifa Nargis


"The heart of man is The abode of God."

Inayat Khan.


As « Mere learning will never enable a man to know God,» there is a certain amount of confusion of thought amongst those who aspire to tread the Path of Seeking as to what extent the human mind can be used in the search. If knowledge of God cannot be attained by any mental process ; then by what means can He be known ? For if the reasoning faculty of mind is of no importance on this path ; how can man know what he is seeking, or recognize it when found ? reason being an attribute of mind.

It is difficult to convey any solution of this question, to one who has not realized the supreme mystery of man. A Seer understands many things of which he cannot speak. To define a truth, is to kill it ; and the only motive for doing so is that a presentment of a dead fact will sometimes inspire a seeker to search for the living truth.

That which in man is striving to realize its origin and essence, is his innermost being ; the soul, or ray of divine light, which is his life. All things else pertaining to man, are instruments the soul uses for its expression and experience. The human soul therefore uses mind, with its reasoning power, for the purpose of the search ; but although mind can seek it cannot find. The mind can search and uncover everything that is obscure, it can sweep away and destroy every obstacle that stands as a barrier between a man and his God ; but to find and see that which the mind has uncovered, another faculty is needed ; that of the heart. The mind seeks ; the heart finds, for die mystery of God is hidden in itself.

The key to this problem lies in the fact that the heart cannot see until the mind has accomplished its work of preparation ; but when it has done so, it is no longer a necessity in the search. The hands may uncover a treasure, but only the eyes can perceive it.

In the spiritual life of man, as in the physical, every faculty must be active, for all are necessary to the life of the whole, not one must be allowed to remain inactive or unused ; but each must be used for the purpose for which it was evolved. The mind cannot do the work of the heart, neither can the heart carry out the functions of the mind.

It is in the right understanding of unity that man will find the answer to his questioning.




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