Khalifa Nargis

The Open Vision
Wine from the tavern
Khalifa Nargis


 LIFE can never be understood until it can be seen as a whole. It is this «open vision» which is sought by all seekers of Truth, for to see for one moment the completed picture, will give a man more knowledge than a lifetime of studying the separated parts. Much may be learnt by a study of each isolated fact, of every factor in man's environment, and of the effect of every event upon his own life, and that of other men; but although this will open a vast field of speculation and of interest, such a study will never disclose the plan, nor yield up the secret of the meaning of life.


When man can see the Whole as one vision, he will realize that everything in the universe, animate or inanimate, good or bad, earth, Heaven and Hell, from the dust of the earth to the stars in their courses and all the hosts therein, has its own place in the great scheme, and not one could be left out.


When he can hear life, not as a collection of single notes—which are meaningless—but as One Great Symphony, then will his ears be attuned to Divine Harmony; but while one note is unheard or considered unnecessary, or one thing, however small or seemingly insignificant, is left outside the range of his vision, he can never comprehend the grandeur of the Unity in variety, or that Perfection which is The Only Being.




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