Khalifa Nargis

Food of all the bodies
Wine from the tavern
Khalifa Nargis


"TAKE, eat, this is My Body."


These words of Jesus Christ are, as are all His inspired utterances, capable of many interpretations; for they contain a profound truth which can be perceived according to the power of perception of the seer.


Food when eaten, or received into the physical body, ceases to be a substance separate and apart, it becomes one with the body it nourishes, part of, and indistinguishable from it. Without such nourishment a physical body could not exist, and all the bodies used by the human soul must likewise be nourished and sustained, each by its own substance. As the material body needs material food, and the mental body mental food-knowledge of names and forms-so the spiritual body needs spiritual food-Light.


Jesus The Christ said,

“I am the Light of the world” and “He that eateth Me, even he shall live by Me”

(John 6. 57.)


Whosoever therefore eateth of the mystical body of Christ-His resurrection body of Light-The Christ liveth in him, brought to birth in this sacrament of light. “Ye in Me, and I in you” is the beginning of the at-one-ment, for the spirit of all men is one spirit. The One manifesting as many, under various names and forms, seeds of light, buried in darkness, which in order to become alive and active must be fed and nourished by their own substance.


When all have been quickened,

“The many return again to, and become one with, That from which they came forth.”
“The consciousness of The One Whole is the flesh of Christ, and the breath of love is His blood.”

Inayat Khan.




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