Khalifa Nargis

One harmonious whole
The Lifted Veil
Khalifa Nargis


" Disciples may be likened to the strings of the soul-echoing Vînâ ; mankind unto its sounding-board ; the hand that sweeps it to the tuneful breath of the great world-soul. The string that fails to answer 'neath the Master's touch in dulcet harmony with all the others, breaks and is cast away."

The Voice of the Silence.


IT is the work of the Great Ones, who, from the inner worlds bring to earth a message destined to help humanity, to fashion the suitable form to hold a living truth.


This form must be gradually built from the human material available, until an organism is evolved, which can then be used as a channel for spreading the Message of God in the material world.


As the organism must necessarily be composed of human beings—more or less unfitted to be so used—the task is ofttimes long and difficult, and is in some measure made more so, when the individuals forming the channel have a misconception of the plan and of their own importance with regard to it. By thinking of themselves as separate channels of Divine Force, set apart and used by The Master for His work, they fail to realize that the organism as a whole (of which they are but an infinitesimal part) is the real channel ; they also forget that unless a man can merge his own personality in the good of the whole, he cannot remain even a part ; for ail must work in harmony by taking the place allotted to them and faithfully fulfilling their own particular task. None is greater than another ; each one is needed in his own place ; but, if everyone wishes to take another's place, there is naturally discord and confusion ; as there would be dis-harmony in an orchestra if, for instance, a violinist tried to play the music written for the harp, if a pianist ceased playing because he considered his part unimportant, or a drummer failed to beat his drum at the right moment because he was arguing about the method. For a symphony to be correctly played, each player must be intent upon his own part, and play in rhythm with the Conductor; those unwilling to co-operate could not remain members of an orchestra.


Of course it is a fact that individuals are sometimes used as separate channels ; but when this is so, they themselves, in their physical consciousness, are entirely unconscious of being so used, unless they have reached the stage in evolution where such knowledge can be safely held ; this is, however, a high stage, seldom attained by man. A Wise One has said, " And this I know : that when the gods have use for us they blindfold us, because if we could see and comprehend the outcome we should grow so vain that not even the gods could save us from destruction."


As a rule no one can be used and be conscious of the using.


If any man says he is a vessel used by The Master he will never be fit for His use. If he thinks he is selfless, his heart is filled with self. He must be that which he desires to be thought. A very different thing, and a process of Spiritual growth.


Only through empty hearts from which self has been entirely eliminated can The Master-Musician rend forth the note of unity which will unite all the dwellers upon earth into one harmonious whole.




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