Khalifa Nargis

Attraction and repulsion
At the Gate of Discipleship

Khalifa Nargis


THE power of sex is the Life of God manifesting in its dual aspect as positive and negative, or Jelal and Jemal, when these two aspects meet in the act of creation then is Kemal (or perfection) experienced; because having left the world of duality, where it was separate and incomplete, it realizes Oneness, the complete and whole life; the result and object of this union is a new birth on some plane.


When in man and woman the positive and negative seek each other in order to experience this perfection for the gratification and satisfaction of the physical body only, instead of for the purpose of passing on the Life, then Kemal would manifest as destruction instead of perfection ; for the act of creation which is the true purpose of the union of positive and negative is frustrated, and in the end results in pain instead of pleasure. The whole confusion and all the difficulties arising from the wrong use of this living force by both man and woman is the result of their failure to understand the law which governs it.


«By the delusion of the pairs of opposites sprung from attraction and repulsion,
O Bhârata, all beings walk this universe wholly deluded."



In man the sex force is positive, which urges him to seek the opposite or negative in order to give; and unless he understands how to control and use it for the purpose of creation or re-creation on some plane of his being, it will be claimed by his false ego for its own gratification, it cannot remain unused, for it is life itself, and the nature of life is movement.


In woman the force is negative which urges her to demand ; and unless this demand is satisfied she feels incomplete, as the true work of woman is to mould, nourish and sustain new forms in which life may become objective ; men and women therefore seek each other in order that they may experience completeness.


There are many ways in which the two aspects of sex can meet in creative union upon planes other than the physical. All mental creative work is the result of such an union on its own plane, it results in physical creation on the physical plane, mental creation on the plane of mind ; but the real union can only take place upon the spiritual plane, and when this has been achieved, both man and woman have complete control of this force on all planes of their being.


To restrict the power of sex to the gratification of bodily appetite is the degration of God, and while mankind does so he can never know its laws ; it must first be raised to the spiritual world and realized as a spiritual force, the life giving power of God ; and when in his own body the positive and negative aspects are balanced man (or woman) can control the creative, or sex-force on all planes.


Mankind works through mind which must be negative to God, in other words he must allow the mind to be controlled by the soul ; but must at the same time be positive to his body which must be under the control of his mind.




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