Khalifa Nargis

Truth lies in paradox
At the Gate of Discipleship
Khalifa Nargis


A MASTER (one who has attained mastery) upon the balanced path, has risen above the law of the pairs of opposites. The ordinary man cannot experience one without the other, can never know light without darkness on any plane until he has transcended his personality or false ego ; for so long as he identifies himself with it, it will stand before the light which his true ego is seeking and so create darkness by its own shadow. If man could realize that all darkness is caused by his own thoughts which have built up this false ego, he would begin to withdraw them from things material and temporal and strive to realize the part of himself that is spiritual and eternal ; thus would his shadow grow smaller and smaller until it was dispelled by the light of his real self. Balance can only be attained by experience and knowledge of both the real and the unreal, the light and the shadow.

"Those men of pure deeds in whom sin has come to an end,
They, freed from the delusive pairs of opposites worship me,
Steadfast in vows."

Bhagavad-Gita .


A Master upon this path understands that truth lies in paradox, and through his own experience knows that he who would find light must walk through the gateway of shadows. That the mystery of sound is revealed in the silence. That the blessing of peace must be sought through the gate of sacrifice. That joy may abide in the house of pain. That knowledge walks upon the way of ignorance, and that only through the gate of time can man reach the Eternal.


Whoever can reach these stages upon the road of life, remain in each until he has gained the necessary experience, and then pass on, has mastered life and death.



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