Khalifa Nargis

The seeker of God
At the Gate of Discipleship
Khalifa Nargis


THERE is to-day much discussion about "Discipleship" and "the Path," but very few know the reality of either; and those who do know are silent concerning it. A true disciple is very hard to recognize, for he claims nothing, and would never seek to appear in the eyes of others as different from ordinary people; if any power was developed within him, he would not speak of it to others, but would regard it as a most sacred and secret trust ; in his outer life he is as other men and may be a follower of any religion or of none, but in the inner life he is known as a seeker of God, and the only thing that has any value for him is the Search - that to a sincere Disciple is the vital reality - beside which all else is unreal. This does not imply that his ordinary life with all its duties and responsibilities is neglected, not one responsibility can be avoided, not one duty left undone, not only the difficult and unpleasant ones, but the easy and pleasant ones also, a seeker of God realizes that God must be sought through every condition, and in every experience of life, for only through this constant seeking, with oneness of heart, will the realization come, that there is no place in all the world, either great or small, high or low, good or bad, in joy or in sorrow, where God is not ; that every atom in the universe is pervaded with His life and upheld by His love ; but such a realization cannot be conveyed to another, for each there is a different experience which is for himself alone.


The vision of God is known to those who understand the true meaning of singleness of heart, for the heart is one and can only receive one reflection at a time.

"The light of the body is the eye,
 if therefore thine eye be single,
thy whole body shall be full of light"

Matt. 6. 22.




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