Khalifa Nargis

Between the Desert and the Sown
Khalifa Nargis


These "Teachings" are offered to travellers upon the path of Discipleship; to others this may appear a path of sacrifice, but the Disciple would not so consider it, for he knows that "the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal."


There are of course many things which must be left behind by a traveller on this path, he is travelling, and his objective is the journey's end; it is not a sacrifice to pass a momentary gain for one which is lasting when he can see both with open vision, the sacrifice for him would be not to do so.


It is not wise for those who consider the life of a Disciple one of sacrifice to try to live it; life has many lessons, and there are many ways of finding God. Each one must seek for himself; nothing but his own intense desire can lead a man upon the path of Discipleship, and then it would be no more a sacrifice for him than it would be for a child to leave a game when he hears the voice of a loved Father calling him; he just turns round and runs as quickly as he can to find him, the game is forgotten, he is only conscious of his Father.


One who is travelling the way of the Disciple is often accused by those who cannot understand his actions, of selfishly trying to serve his own soul regardless of others; there is a paradox here, for although it is true that each soul must find and tread the path to God alone, it is also true that by doing so he cannot fail to help others, consciously and unconsciously; consciously by the sympathy of an awakened heart, and unconsciously by his atmosphere. There are many, weary and bewildered with life's difficulties, who would gladly journey to find peace, if haply they knew where it could be found, but no one can help another to find the Kingdom of Heaven unless he has first found it himself, no one can bring peace to another who has not himself known peace. The God-realized man radiates love, peace, and harmony by his presence, and only one who has reached this goal is able to guide the feet of those who are seeking the way of Peace.




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