Khalifa Nargis

The Light of Vision
Between the Desert and the Sown
Khalifa Nargis


Pain, disease or suffering of any kind is always caused by the effort of the Inner Being of man to refine his vehicles; to uncover or peel off the outer coverings of accumulated error which prevent the light of wisdom within from being reflected on the mirror of his heart.


The mental images or thought forms gathered during the long journey must sometime be broken - as must all created things - in order that the soul within may have "the open vision"; this breaking sometimes causes acute suffering, both mental and physical, the more complete and perfect the form the more difficult the breaking; emotion either of joy and delight, pain or sorrow, is the great refiner used by the soul to produce that swift, ever-changing motion which means life, as inertia is death.


The God within cannot find the God transcendent until the error of the ages has been cleared away and nothing remains between the soul and God but the light of vision.




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