Khalifa Nargis

Blessed are the Pure in Heart
Between the Desert and the Sown
Khalifa Nargis


Man’s thought is conceived as one thought, or one idea, but before he can utter or express it, it must be broken, divided into many words, producing results so far reaching that it is beyond human power to comprehend, so innumerable that no man can number them ; how then can he pre­sume to cognize or define the utterance of God, at Whose Word of Power all things were created ; the Heavens and the Earth and all the hosts thereof. He who has lifted even the first of the "Seventy thousand veils" which cover the One Reality, realizes how vast is the ignorance of man, how great is his presumption in seeking to uncover the things of God in order to satisfy his desire for knowledge ; he begins to understand the meaning of the words of Jesus Christ "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God," for he knows that not until everything gathered during the long pilgrimage has been laid aside, and only the essence of experience retained, can the soul stand free and " pure " ; only then can the last veils in awe and reverence be drawn aside, only then shall man "see" God.


Pure from all thought, for upon the mirror of the heart only God is reflected, pure from everything pertaining to earth, pure from differences or distinctions that divide and separate - pure in essence, being of one Substance with his Father in Heaven ; thus, and only thus, is it possible to "see God."


Truly only the lowly minded, he who has "loosed his shoes from off his feet" may stand even upon the threshold of this Holy Ground.




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