Khalifa Nargis

The purification of the Disciple
Between the Desert and the Sown
Khalifa Nargis


Whoever claims to have advanced upon the Spiritual Path, has not even found the entrance, and may be farther away than one who has not set foot thereon.


Whoever claims to have received Illumination, is walking upon the shadow path; long and weary is his way, for at every step he takes he is deluded by the shadows cast by his thoughts about himself. Verily one who is afar off and knows that he is, is nearer to The Master.


Of accepted Disciples there are few in any age O! aspirant, the key that will unlock the Gate of Acceptance or Initiation must be made by the Disciple from himself ; it is a long and wearisome task to procure the material and difficult to fashion, for to do so, he must pass through the Great Disintegration, the fourfold purification.



 Into the Crucible of Truth the Great Alchemist places all that Earth had given or could give, and the Disciple watches disappear everything the World held for him of fame, honour, wealth, the praise of men, of success, of pride of place and earthly power, his sins of the body, his pleasures and his pains. When all have been reduced to their true elements, nothing remains but a handful of dust.

Thus is the Disciple purified of Earth.



Into the Crucible is now placed every emotion and passion felt by the Disciple throughout his life, his loves and his hates, his feelings and his earthward desires, everything pertaining to his astral life, his sorrows and his joys.

As he watches, they vanish into vapour and he is given the resultant; a few drops of tears.

Thus is the Disciple purified of Water.



Into the Crucible of Truth are now placed all the aspirations of the Disciple, his efforts for self development, his desires for achievement, the contents of his mind, also his sins of the mind, his pride of knowledge, and his power upon the spiritual path. When all these have been resolved, there remains a small heap of ashes.

Thus is the Disciple purified of Fire.



For this process the Master places in the Crucible of Truth the deep devotion of the heart of the Disciple together with the handful of dust, the few tears, and the small heap of ashes. As he watches the disintegration of his innermost being in wondering awe he is given the result of this test; a key of pure gold which will unlock the Gate of Initiation, and the Disciple is "accepted in the Beloved".

Thus is the Disciple purified of Air.


Of the purification of Ether into which all there elements resolve it is not permitted to speak, for the Disciple may now pass through the Gate, and ere he passes, his lips are sealed. A sign is given him by which he will be known to those who have had the same experience, to all others there is no difference apparent.


Whoever claims to be an accepted Disciple is making a false claim. The evidence of reality is Silence.




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