Khalifa Nargis

The Path of the Whirlwind
Between the Desert and the Sown
Khalifa Nargis


When the Lord rideth upon the Whirlwind Behold ! who shall stand as He passes ? The upright and the strong shall be broken, and the weak scattered in a thousand pieces.


He who bows low, he only shall remain and him shall the Lord uplift, for he it is who knows the secret of the innermost places.


On the Spiritual Path the whole of the journey is one of bewilderment from beginning to end; although until the Spiritual eyes are opened man does not know it, but directly he begins to see with the inner Vision then everything is a bewilderment and he understands why the Sages and Seers have always taught that physical life is illusion - Maya. If he could fully see the effect of a physical action on the higher planes, he would be more bewildered still; this is the reason that Spiritual Sight cannot be hastened, but must be a gradual unfoldment and cannot be fully awakened until the Disciple is ready to follow the path of the Whirlwind.


When the Whirlwind comes everything in its path is caught up from earth and whirled round and round in its mighty force, which never for one second's time is stationary; but, as it passes only those atoms which are light as, thistledown and strong as the wind can follow; the others sink exhausted to earth again.


Many are caught, but few there be who can follow.


There are many places of bewilderment on the path through which the Disciple must go, but each one he goes through alone will help him, through the next. This is why he cannot be helped (guidance is another thing), but must himself dispel the fog, of illusion.


There is a light within the heart of man which can show him the way through any fog, however dense; once it has been found no other guidance is needed ; it is in order to help the Disciple to seek for this in himself that he is brought to this place of bewilderment, but he must look within for the light, not without ; nothing can help him here but his own inner convictions.


Remember My path is the path of the Whirlwind, only the strong can follow




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