Khalifa Nargis

To Reflect the Light of God
Between the Desert and the Sown
Khalifa Nargis


The Disciple who would reflect the Light of God to those who sit in darkness, which is the only way the Light can be received by suffering humanity, must stand immovable and unshakable.


Unmoved by the cries of earth.


Unshaken by the waves of emotion that surge around his feet.


He who would become a channel of Light must be content to be nothing; to be misunderstood by a world which, hearing understandeth not, and seeing perceiveth not; for it can never understand what is beyond the range of its perception.


The majority, whose goal is "goodness", are incapable of seeing "trueness".


Unless the whole being of the Disciple is turned Godward, and no other thing is reflected in his heart, the reflection of God is blurred, and the light unsteady and wavering; how few are able thus to attain; it does not mean that the "reflector of God" becomes indifferent to the sorrows of others, or deaf to their cries for aid, but he realizes that he himself can never heal the broken hearted, that only God can help them; he also realizes that in order to reach the human soul God requires a channel, which must be perfectly still and utterly empty, that He may fill it with Himself, and through His Disciple, emptied of aught beside, may Himself touch the sorrowful ones, speak words of peace and healing to the broken hearted and bring light to those who sit in darkness.


God seeth not as man seeth, and truth in the innermost parts is demanded of the Disciple who would be the channel of His Love; he must tread the Alone Path, for everything the world counts as good must be lost before God is found.


The prayer continually on the lips of this Disciple should be - "Give to my heart, O God, the courage to lose all that I may find all in Thee, at Whose right hand are pleasures for evermore, and in Whose Presence is fulness of joy".




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