Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan


Glorious sun, are you setting ?
- Yes, to rise again.

Sublime nature, my ears did not hear thy music;
- Your heart has heard it, your soul has danced to it.

Trees to the clouds: "With raised hands we pay you homage".
Clouds: "In tears we grant your request".

Nature, where do you borrow your sublimity ?
- From your loving spirit.

Rain, why do you not come to the desert ?
- I keep away from where I am not welcome.

When once passing through the mountains I saw rocks,
some sitting on  their knees, some bending, some standing.
I asked: "O hard-hearted monsters, what secret is there in your charm ?"
They answered in a silent voice: "That we do not assert ourselves".

Rocky Mountains, what are you ?
- We are the tombs of the world's past.

Crystal what are you ?
- I am the shadow of Christ's heart.
What quality do you possess ?
- I am empty of self, so that by gazing one sees in me his heart reflected.

Glorious nature, wonderful picture, where shall I keep you ?
- In the frame of your heart.

Desert to the rain-clouds: "You are passing over us, why not be our  guest ?
- We have no longer trust in the hard-hearted.

Burning wick, why have you to go through this penance ?
- I am the tongue of the gossiping one.

Wilderness, why does your cry touch me so deeply ?
- Because it rises from the bottom of my heart.

Wilderness, what is it in you that is so overwhelming ?
- The expansion of my heart.

Good-bye nature's vision, shall I ever see you again ?
- Yes, whenever you will open the album of your heart.


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