Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

Youth and Manhood
The Mystical Life of the Prophet Muhammad
The Life of Muhammad

Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan


Travelling with his uncle gave him some experience of the life of commerce. Abu Talib also would take Muhammad sometimes for an outing to a place called Okhod where every sort of gaiety was going on. The picture of the degeneration of the people struck with great force upon the awakening mind of this predestined master of humanity. Muhammad proved to be a brave and patriotic young citizen. He frequently took part in the administration of the city and in the defence of the Ka'bah when it became necessary. He acted with such honesty and wisdom that he was regarded the most brilliant and prominent young man of Mecca. He then became the agent of a lady of the Quraish family, Khadijah, who was a widow and the richest person in Arabia. He made a journey to Syria on her behalf, and after many remarkable experiences reached Basra where he was very successful in business. Then he returned to Mecca. Khadijah was sitting at the window of her palace and saw a man, riding a camel, approaching beneath the hot sun of Arabia. On either side of him she saw an angel warding off the sun's rays. The custom of purdah existed, so Muhammad could not go and see her, but the servant who accompanied him could be allowed to do so. Khadijah at once, before inquiring as to the success of the business, said, "Did you also see the two angels guarding Muhammad from the heat of the sun ?" The servant said, "Madam, you have seen this once, I have seen it a thousand times. And at night I have seen angels bearing torches, that his camel might see where to step in the jungle. And many times I have met fortune tellers, those who understand the inner things, who asked me, 'Is that man your master ?' When I told them, 'He is my master', they congratulated me saying, 'You are happy in having a master who is destined to be the master of humanity.' And many times I have seen the heavenly beings waiting upon him as if they were his servants".


When Muhammad sent in his report Khadijah saw that she had gained more wealth through his management than from any previous journey, and she understood that others who had had her affairs in hand had ruined her. She admired his ability balanced with honesty, which is so rare to be found, for as a rule one sees honesty in the innocent and dishonesty in the intelligent. This together with the radiance that surrounded him made a great impression upon her, and she said to him, "I see how great a being you are. I will be your slave". Muhammad said, "No, I will make you my queen". So they were married, and it was a great marriage, for Khadijah was of the Quraish family and very rich, and though Muhammad's relations were poor, they too were of the Quraish family.


After his marriage Muhammad began to take a greater part in social affairs, and in this way fifteen years of his married life passed with a few notable acts. Where two were quarreling, where two were seeking to do one another harm, he made peace. His gentle manners, his sweet words, his excellent conduct, the great purity of his life, his refined straightforwardness, his readiness to help, to serve the poor, the weak, the nobility of his nature, his unswerving faithfulness, his stern sense of duty, won him among his people the most distinguished appellation of Al-Ameen, the trustworthy, or the peacemaker. So the words of Christ who foretold the comforter were fulfilled in him.


Muhammad's married life brought about a settled and peaceful state of mind, as one more was added to complete his life and to share his responsibilities. Khadijah understood more and more what was the vocation of her husband. She began to carry him, as the saying is, on the palms of her hands. She understood that his was too fine a nature for trade or business or for a warrior. She understood that he must be kept away from such things. His predisposition for the pursuit of truth began to awaken. Then came the call of God to go into the solitude, and at the sacrifice of all worldly occupations which keep man away from Allah he commenced going to Mount Hira to seek his life's purpose, to know what the message of God was.




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