Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

Muhammad Bringing the Alchemy of Life's Glory
The Mystical Life of the Prophet Muhammad

Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan


He appeared in the arms of the blessed Ameenah - he for whom Abraham had prayed and whom Christ had foreseen. The time showed the signs that the herald of Allah's final decree had arisen, though the light did not manifest until the moon of the divine message was under the clouds.


The very manifestation of the Meraj of God, the fulfilment of the desires of the helpless, the partaker of others' difficulties, the helper in another's trouble, the friend of the poor, the helper of the wretched, the protector of orphans, the liberator of slaves, the one who would forgive the trespass of another, the one who would relieve from doubts, who would control the wicked, who would harmonize families in love and affection, descended from Mount Hira and came unto his people, bringing with him the alchemy of life's glory, the alchemy which made gold out of steel, which distinguished the real from the unreal. Arabia, for centuries overwhelmed with ignorance, was changed in a moment into another being. The danger of destruction then vanished, the trend of the air took an opposite direction. The mine which was uninvestigated, which had value nor recognition, the properties of which were as dust mixed with dust - this alchemy had been hidden for the purpose that it might bring out its gold in one glance.


Muhammad, the pride of Arabia, the possessor of divine eloquence and wisdom, held a meeting on the Mount of Safa and thus addressed all Meccans assembled there : "My beloved brothers, do you consider me righteous or otherwise ?" They answered, "We have never heard a false word or seen a false action from thee". "If you consider me so, will you believe in what I say ? A dangerous enemy is ready, waiting behind this mountain, to rob you as soon as he finds an opportunity". They said, "We believe all thou sayest; from thy childhood thou art true and sincere". "If you believe me to be so, then listen. There is not a least wrong in what I say: all this caravan that we are in - the world, wealth, friends, relatives, children - this whole caravan will some day leave this world. Consider this before the time arrives". That thunderlike word of truth he spoke, which like an earthquake moved through the land of Arabia. In each mind it produced a new hunger for truth. Ah, what voice, which awakened the whole population from its sleep !




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