Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

Free Will-Aphorisms
The Smiling Forehead
Chapter 11
Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan


If God gave man free will and so refused to make his decisions for him, no other individual has a right to butt in and attempt to force a man's decisions. So you can only help a person within the scope of his own character. I mean that your capacity to help is limited by his ability to help himself. And that must be the tragedy of God. Every person has his own way in life, and that particular way is most suited for him.


Trouble not about the past, worry not over the future but concern yourself with the present, for it is the present which is the picture of the past and the design for the future.
Looking at the past and finding one's errors is like cracking nuts and finding a shrivelled kernel.
Looking at the past and recognizing one's mistakes is like mounting the steps of a staircase.


Do not imagine what you do not wish to happen.
Do not say what you do not wish to be done.


The fatalist makes human beings as chairs and tables.
The mystic makes even chairs and tables living beings.


In spite of all his limitation a wonderful power is hidden in man's soul.
What makes man helpless is ignorance of his free will. Free will is the basis of the whole life.
Free will is the mighty power, the God-power, hidden in man,
And it is ignorance which keeps man from his divine heritage.


When the rocks are asleep leaving Us to use them for whatever purpose We may, when the trees are resigned to Our will to bear whatever fruit We may want them to bear, when the animals are carried along with their passions and appetites, We have made you partner in Our dominion and have given you a share in Our mercy, compassion, wisdom and righteousness, that your heart may expand so that it may rise to Our perfection.


I erase the past out of my mind, brighten the present, and build a hope for the future.




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