Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Bowl of Saki
Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan



Man's bodily appetites take him away from his heart's desires;
his heart's desires keep him away from the abode of his soul.


Words are but the shadows of thoughts and feelings.


The more elevated the soul, the broader the outlook.


The secret of a friend should be kept as one's own secret;
the fault of a friend one should hide as one's own fault.


Forbearance, patience and tolerance
are the only conditions which keep two individual hearts united.


We blame others for our sorrows and misfortunes,
not perceiving that we ourselves are the creators of our world.


Nobody appears inferior to us when our heart is kindled with kindness
and our eyes are open to the vision of God.


Selfishness keeps man blind through life.


The final victory in the battle of life for every soul
is when he has risen above the things which once he most valued.


When power leads and wisdom follows, the face of wisdom is veiled and she stumbles;
but when wisdom leads and power follows, they arrive safely at their destination.


Man's whole conduct in life depends upon what he holds in his thought.


He who can be detached enough
to keep his eyes open to all those whom circumstances have placed about him,
and see in what way he can be of help to them, he it is who becomes rich;
he inherits the Kingdom of God.


True justice cannot be perceived until the veil of selfishness has been removed from the eyes.


Our thoughts have prepared for us the happiness or unhappiness we experience.


Love is the best means of making the heart capable of reflecting the soul-power
- love in the sense of pain rather than of pleasure.
Every blow opens a door whence the soul-power comes forth.


Every experience on the physical, astral or mental plane is just a dream before the soul.


The heart of man is the shrine of God;
take care when you touch it, lest you may hurt the Unseen Dweller within.


When love's fire produces its flame, it illuminates like a torch the devotee's path in life,
and all darkness vanishes.


It is mistrust that misleads; sincerity always leads straight to the goal.


Love lies in service;
only that which is done - not for fame or name,
not for appreciation or thanks of those for whom it is done - is love's service.


The soul is all light; darkness is caused by the deadness of the heart; pain makes it alive.


The quality of forgiveness that burns up all things except beauty is the quality of love.


Each individual composes the music of his own life;
if he injures another he breaks the harmony, and there is discord in the melody of his life.


He who with sincerity seeks his real purpose in life, is himself sought by that purpose.


Through motion and change life becomes intelligible.
We live a life of change but it is constancy we seek;
it is this innate desire of the soul that leads man to God.


Every being has a different vocation and his vocation is the light that illumines his life.
The man who disregards his vocation is as a lamp unlit.


The heart sleeps until it is awakened to life by a blow;
it is as a rock, and the hidden fire flashes out when struck by another rock.


The awakened heart says, "I must give, I must not demand".
Thus it enters a gate that leads to a constant happiness.


The worlds are held together by the heat of the sun;
each of us are atoms held in position by that Eternal Sun we call God.
Within us is the same central power we call the light or the love of God;
by it we hold together the human beings within our sphere or, lacking it, we let them fall.


When a man dives within, he finds that his real self is above the perpetual motion of the universe.



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