Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

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The privilege of being human
The Art of Being
Chapter 46
Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan


By faith in God hopelessness can be turned into hopeful-ness. The spirit draws its power inspirationally from the divine Source. Every impulse, every desire comes from there, and in accomplishment the law of perfection is realized. But when a person doubts about everything and says that there is no inspiration then, by denying this power, he gives away that which he already possessed. By recognizing the divine Fatherhood of God one becomes conscious of one's divine heritage and one knows that there is no lack in the divine Spirit, and no lack in life. Then there is certainty of fulfilment, which is only a matter of time.


Some good people have almost arrived at the fulfilment of their desire, and then just at the last moment have failed, while others attain ultimate success in everything. One will always find that the souls of the former were influenced by great power but lacked faith, while the others had power supported by faith. If faith is lacking one may attain ninety-nine percent of success and miss the last one, and so in the end the loss takes away all that was previously gained.



Question: What is more necessary for a student of mysticism, faith or intelligence?

Answer: For absolute faith the first step is the ideal. The next step brings man into the presence of God. For the intelligence the way goes from intellect to wisdom, and there are obstacles at every step.


Faith - faith in the greatness, the mercy, the power of God -is the greatest thing. It also is the most difficult thing. For the one who has faith all difficulties, all responsibility rest upon Him in whom he has faith. The intelligence takes its own responsibility. But if there is the least chance of the intellect rebelling against faith, it is a sign that the intellect asks to be fed, and it should be given its food: all knowledge.



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