Khalifa Nargis

Light and Darkness
At the Gate of Discipleship
Khalifa Nargis


I form the Light and create darkness,
I make peace and create evil,
I the Lord do all these things.

 Isaiah xlv. 7.

I am the gambling of the cheat; and the splendour of splendid things I



WHAT then is the force we call Satan? Satan is the shadow of the Christ (that which obscures Him) as darkness is the shadow of light, where there is light there must also be darkness. Wherever is the Light of the World, there is also is the Lord of the Shadow. A sacrifice such as is impossible for the mind to conceive has been offered for man by the Lord of the Shadow, for he must remain an outcast from the Light throughout the manifestation of the world , this is the mystic interpretation of the crucifixion of Christ, for mystery of mysteries, they are not two but one. Evolution at that stage of Being called humanity is only possible in a world of duality in the human kingdom; man evolves into Hu-man by mastery, control, and balance, the two forces positive and negative are combined in him, therefore living in a world of duality he cannot know anything without also knowing its opposite; without a force which opposed and tested his strength at every step he could never become master of life or Divine man, could never learn control if there were nothing to control or become balanced if there were no opposition.


The opposing force is not the enemy of mankind as is generally supposed, it is the illusion caused by, and therefore part of, Light; but man, as man, cannot reach or realize Light until he has crossed over this illusion. The whole purpose of the evolution of man, made in the image of God, is that having the birthright of free-will he shall develop the power in himself to choose reality and reject illusion, and by right of his heritage of kingship and freedom of -choice shall conquer and possess his own kingdom.


Man commits sin when, having knowledge of Light, he willingly remains in darkness, refusing to «cross the illusion.»


«This divine illusion of Mine caused by the qualities is hard to pierce,
they who come to Me, they cross over this illusion.»

«He who seeth Me everywhere, and seeth everything in Me,
of him will I never dose hold, and he shall never lose hold of Me.»





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