Khalifa Nargis

The purpose of creation
At the Gate of Discipleship

Khalifa Nargis


IN God (the manifest or limited God) is everything that ever has been or can ever be conceived, or thought, or fashioned, by any being in the Universe ; there is nothing new, everything has always existed ; before the beginning of time it was, and after time has passed away it will be ; nothing can be added, nothing can be taken away.


"What then is the purpose of creation?"


It is to create and destroy form ; to re-arrange, transmute and transform over and over again every atom and molecule belonging to the world in which we live, until the Perfect Form is fashioned ; which then becomes the Resurrection Body or Body of Radiance, of that Great Spirit Which men call Christ or the Spirit of Guidance.


That which comprises the Body of the Risen Christ is the essence of human evolution, as each soul is perfected it passes on this essence and by that much is the embodiment of Christ enriched ; until this Body is complete, which means that every atom composing it is perfected (or raised to its original condition of Light) and occupying its own place in that Body, the Christ is buried in humanity ; He cannot rise or ascend to the " Father " until the " Stone " has been rolled away.


The mystical interpretation of the Stone, is that it is the accumulation of the thoughts of men which through ages of erroneous thinking has become hard, concrete and fixed until it is almost immovable, but until it is removed the Truth which is Life cannot be seen ; while truth is held down to earth it can never be known, it must be set free, only then, as it rises, can man see with true vision that whatever is held is lost.


While Jesus was on earth even His nearest Disciples could not realize His greatness and sorrowed that He should leave them ; it was not until after He had risen in His Resurrection Body that they could understand. So long as He was close to them physically and they could touch Him and hear Him speak they could only know Him as man, but when the body of earth no longer held Him down, and He was freed from its limitation, only then, when they had apparently lost Him could they receive the Truth, that as He had risen so they also could be lifted up with Him, inasmuch as they could realize the mystery in themselves. As the Cosmic Christ rises in this mystical radiant Body, that portion of humanity which has become " perfect " also rises with Him to a further evolution ; but here thought cannot follow and any attempt at explanation would cause confusion, all that is perceived cannot be conveyed in words




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