Khalifa Nargis

The Master
At the Gate of Discipleship

Khalifa Nargis


I WILL try to explain the inner meaning of what is meant by the terms, The Master or The Christ, although no words can really convey any meaning except to those whose eyes to some extent are opened to the mysteries of life.


The Body of the Master (if one can use such a term, magnetic field would perhaps better express it), is composed of the perfected souls of those beings, who in every age since the beginning of this earth, have reached the stage of evolution known to Mystics as perfection; the guiding or informing Spirit is the same in every holy name and form, and collectively they form the embodiment of the One Christ.


As individuals they have been, and are still, separate, distinct, and living ; but their souls form One Spirit which is known as the Spirit of Guidance.


This will in some measure explain to those who have understanding, the mystery of many masters but only One Master, many religions but only One Religion, many truths but only One Truth, and there is still a further mystery, every soul that reaches perfection is an enrichment of that Mystical Body, which by the evolution of perfected souls, attains its own fulfilment, but of this words may not be spoken, only to the closed senses can it be revealed.


The secret of all things is hidden in Man himself, search there O Student of life, if you would know of the mysteries, for in that book of nature is written all things necessary for thy salvation.


The Breath of His Body are the children of Earth.


"Man know thyself."
"The peace of the Eternal lies near to those who know themselves."

Bhagavad Gîtâ.




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