Khalifa Nargis

Non importance of worldly knowledge
At the Gate of Discipleship
Khalifa Nargis


NO one can become a Disciple upon the Path to God until he has realized the non importance of worldly knowledge. This does not mean that it should not be acquired, it is essential while living the outer life but must not be used as a guide for the inner life. To tread the path of return involves a complete turning round or turning away; therefore all that before seemed so important is now forgotten or left behind, but it must first be known otherwise it would still be before and not behind the Disciple.

"The knowledge of all the sages culminates in the realization that they do not know."

Shaikh Sharf-ud-dîn.

It is the culmination of knowledge that is important, not ignorance of it. When this stage of realization is reached it is understood that self-knowledge is the only knowledge that will enlighten the seeker of God, and if such an one turns round and faces his inner or real self, he will receive illumination, and in the words of a Sufi teacher, will know that "It is thy existence that veils Thee. Had there been the veil of a single activity, it could be uplifted by another opposite activity. But the whole of thyself being a veil thou canst not be fit for Divine Vision unless and until thou vanish completely."




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