Khalifa Nargis

Find the Peace
Between the Desert and the Sown
Khalifa Nargis


At the manifestation of a world all the matter which will eventually form the completed whole, is already in existence, but in a state of chaos, the number and arrangement of every atom has yet to be made. It is not that any new thing, or world, or Being, is to be created but that there shall be a re-arrangement of all the parts until the whole is complete. Every electron and atom of electricity must take its own appointed place, this is the great evolutionary process.


The God buried in humanity must be uncovered and placed on His Throne in the heart of man. The difficulty is that all, from atom to human being, are continually trying to fit into a place to which they do not belong. The upheavals of nature, the great unrest, the world revolutions, the shedding of bodies, the separations and divisions among men; all there things are caused by the parts trying to star in a place to which they do not belong. Directly man is in his own place, then he has Peace, until then he cannot have it.


A world in the making can be likened to a great jigsaw puzzle, whose separate parts have life and are capable of independent movement; each part has its own particular place and its relation to every other part; and no thing or being can live to itself alone; but if they are in their wrong places, the hand of God must move them before the complete picture can be revealed.


The way by which man can find his own place of peace, is to tune his instrument to the key note of the chord to which he belongs ; sound is the force which groups all things, from atoms to worlds. The chording vibration sounds in the innermost being of man and can only be heard in the silence, when he can go into the inner chamber and shut the door to every sound that comes from the life without, then will the Voice of God speak to his soul and he will know the keynote of his life.



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