Khalifa Nargis

Between the Desert and the Sown
Khalifa Nargis


It is in the great problem of sex, that you will find the key to God's plan for the evolution of man.


This world is subject to the pairs of opposites; a Divine man cannot fully manifest without a perfect physical body. The whole training of life is a series of Initiations on the path to God. God teaches His pupils while they are unconscious of Him, in the ordinary life of the human family, so that although they are not yet capable of comprehension, they may begin to learn His Lessons.


In the lives of human beings the whole evolutionary plan of the universe is repeated in miniature; he that hath eyes to see, he seeth. The most sacred trust in the world has been given to man and woman, the task of passing on the Life of God, and the making of forms for an ever fuller and fuller expression of the Beauty of God. The secret of life in a world governed by the pairs of opposites is Balance; neither one extreme or the other must be allowed; man has forgotten this lesson, and it is this that must be taught today, it is the keynote of the Message, not Tolerance but Balance; a man can have and enjoy all things in the world if the balance is complete.


"Even here on earth everything is overcome by those whose mind remains balanced".

Bhagavad- Gita.




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