Khalifa Nargis

Vision of Truth
Between the Desert and the Sown
Khalifa Nargis


SEEKERS of Truth! How few people there are who are really seeking Truth; although thou-sands believe they are Truth-seekers, they are only seeking their own ideas about Truth, and are quite unable to recognize the reality when they see it. Truth is round about us all the time, but because of its familiarity and simplicity it is passed over by those who are seeking the mysterious.


Man's love of mystery has been traded upon by Priests of all religions, for their own profit or love of power, and has never failed to hold in subjection millions in all ages.


True mysticism is a very different thing, it is really a recognition of the wonder and glory of the common everyday things of life ; a discovering of the stupendous marvels of nature, and the working of nature's laws; but the way of the mystic, or real seeker of Truth, is not an easy way, nor one likely to satisfy those whose eyes are filled with their own vision. On this path every idea or vision of Truth previously held must be abandoned, for the eyes of the soul may behold one, vision only; if it were not so nothing but confusion could be perceived.


Only he who is ready thus to abandon may proceed.




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