Khalifa Nargis

Mastering the Mind
Between the Desert and the Sown
Khalifa Nargis


Nothing exists except what the mind creates, everything created must eventually be destroyed. The use of the whole long journey is no more, from our finite point of view, than the games a man follows for the pleasure of excitement, or the dangers, difficulties and privations he willingly faces for the sake of adventure and experience; he himself it is who places obstacles in his own path, for the sole reason of overcoming them.


So with the soul, the mind creates by the process of solidifying spirit to the condition of what we call matter, and then moulding it by the power of thought, to whatever form will express the idea.


It is extremely difficult for the mind to hold one thought long enough to mould the form completely, hence all sorts of wrong and mishapen forms fill the world; this is the cause of all unrest, confusion and unsuitable conditions.


It is the mind of man that makes his environment, nothing else.


It is for the pleasure of mastering the mind that a soul undertakes the long journey, the Divine Adventure, but, of course, as with men in the physical world who try to matter the elements, climb mountains, hunt big game, or tame wild animals, the soul frequently fails and becomes mastered by the very thing over which it is trying to gain the mastery.


It is for this reason, and in order to help those who have failed, that Masters of Wisdom are sent to remind man of his divine origin, and that he is capable of mastering, and should not be mastered by, his own mind.


But this cannot be taught except to those who can see.


The Master can only light the lamp of Wisdom in the heart of man, so that he can see the Truth for himself.




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