Khalifa Nargis

The Open Vision
Between the Desert and the Sown
Khalifa Nargis


If, by an intense concentration of sympathy and understanding, a Disciple can focus his heart to the Heart of the Teacher, whose heart in turn is focussed upon the Illuminated Souls behind him, who again are in touch with Mightier Beings still, he may, for the moment, become a link in that great Chain leading up, in one unbroken beam of Light, to the Throne of God, a great and wonderful privilege indeed ; but to become a permanent link in that chain is not given to every man to attain.


The first thing necessary is that the focus of the heart must be absolute, without shadow of turning, then before the soul can stand before God, the "two" must become one.


The eyes must be closed to good and evil, and see only the Vision of God.

The ears must be deaf to pleasure and pain, and hear only the Voice of God.

The lips must be silent in joy or sorrow, and utter only the Name of God.


No other heart must be mirrored on the heart of the Disciple who would reflect God.

No other voice must reach the ears of the Disciple who would hear the Voice of God.

No other name must be on the lips of the Disciple who would speak the Name of God.


All these things must the Disciple attain before he can become a link in the Divine Chain of Holy Ones.


So long as life holds, it must hold, and duties must be faithfully carried out, but duties are for the personality, it is the innermost being of man who would behold the Vision of God, and before the soul can see God, the personality must be lost in God, but herein is the mystery of mysteries, the great paradox of life - for only that which is lost can be found.


He who possesses is he who has renounced.

He who holds is he who has loosed; and only by renouncing life is the power obtained to hold life.

He who seeth good and evil as Truth, verily he seeth with open Vision.




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