Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan


The saints are forgiveness itself.

In the influence that controls a situation the hand of God is seen.

The more one can bear, the more one is given to bear.

If one wants to know life, one can best know it by one's own life.

No beloved has ever known the depth of the lover's heart.

Sometimes success is a defeat, and defeat is a success.

The greater the responsibility, the greater the person.

Man unconsciously pays happiness in order to buy pleasure.

Life is interesting with friends and enemies both.

A sharp tongue can cut one deeper than a knife.

Sin is sin, whether thought, said or done.

There are many dead sins, but to separate two loving hearts is a living  sin.

Every difficulty can be made easy by the power of a willing spirit.

Man sees in another his own fault.

Give not nor claim love by force, for love is an affair of mutual   willingness.

Silence is an unadmitting consent and an uncommitting refusal.

Walking on the turning wheel of the earth, living under the ever   rotating sun,
man expects a peaceful life.

To discover the heart is the greatest initiation.

A consent after refusing is worse than a refusal.

Man's jealousy is woman's vanity.

One's own self has the right to accuse oneself of one's faults, rather  than anyone else.

Truth is born of falsehood, as light cometh from darkness.

A charming personality is great riches.

The mystic perfects himself by making himself empty of himself.

Sorrow enables man to experience joy.

The punishment of the God of compassion is a reward too.

The Creator, by means of the human heart, experiences life within and  without.

Tears of joy are more precious than pearls.

If you avoid wrongdoing, it will avoid you.

A real artist expresses his soul in his art.

Simplicity is not always interesting.

Divinity is the exaltation of the human soul.

It is not the action which is a sin, it is the attitude of mind which makes  it so.

Silence speaks louder than words.

Reality unfolds with the breaking of the heart.

Christ is God reduced and man enlarged.

The vision of nature is the presence of God.

In the heart of sorrow there is a seed of joy.

The one who troubles much about the cause, is far removed from the  cause.

A house is built with matter, but made with spirit.

A sharp tongue is a poisoned sword.

Righteousness gives strength, and falseness weakens the mind.

No one would do wrong if he knew the wrong of it.

Love in giving and taking is commercialized. It is in its pure essence  when love is for its own joy.

The spirit of feeling is lost, when a sentiment is expressed in words.

No earth, no water, no fire, no air can ever disunite two hearts that  have become one.

Retire from the mundane things of life as much as life would permit you.

Avoid all nonsense.

Accomplishment is more valuable than what is accomplished.

Life is time, and death is its division.

We need not tolerate inharmony, but we can act indifferent toward it. 

It is the separation which is separated, not we.

He who gives love will receive a thousandfold in return.

Evil is like shadow.

Nature is born, character is built and personality is developed.

The same thing that may bring pride to one, may cause shame toanother.

Time and space are the hands and feet of the mystic;
through space he  climbs and through time he accomplishes.

Man seeks freedom and pursues captivity.

The one who seeks the spiritual path is sought after by the spirit.

To life there is no death, and to death there is no life.

Perfection is to be found in liking for One, in pursuing One, in finding  One, in realizing One.


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