Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan


 Thou changest thy place, but not thyself, O light.

Unfold Thy secret through nature and reveal Thy mystery through my  heart.

Thou art my spirit, I am Thy body, my Holy One.

Let the sun of Thy divine spirit rise from my heart,
that morning may   break out of the darkness of life.

I shall penetrate through the black heart of the clouds to reach Thee,  my Lord.

My life is a wave of the ocean of Thy eternal life.

Let my soul become Thy life.

Through the darkness of night my soul seeks for Thee.

Waken me, Lord, through Thy warner, while I am asleep in the arms of  error.

It is Thy spirit of Risalat which is divinity.

Thine own desire I see fulfilled, God, in the perfection of Rasul.

I hold ear to the depth of Thy blessing when the storm breaks through  life's sea.

Let me recognize Thy divine visage in the image of Thy Message bearer.

My heart is no more mine; it is Thine own, my spiritual guide.

Heal my soul by the all-sufficient power that cometh from the glance of  Thy Messiah. 

O! your rising waves of favour
and your raging flames of wrath,
on the rose they are like dew drops,
On the flame just like the moth.

My spiritual guide, thou bearest in thyself the spirit of Rasul.

The dark clouds brought romance between Thee, my Beloved, and me.

Let my heart reflect the spirit of the Holy Ones.

Let my self turn into Thy Being.

My vanity!  It amuses me to see thee dance at the sight of my limitation.

The rapture of my heart shows the mark of Thy kiss.

Let Thy perfection be mine, and my imperfection be cleared away as the  mist in the sun.

My heart! At times one moment is as a year, and at times one year is as a  moment to thee.

I cry and shed tears when clouds gather round my heart,
and when the  light of my soul is covered from my sight. 

Mother's arms receive me when I come to the earth.
Father's arms lift me up at the moment when I depart from here.


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