Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

The attributes of the five great degrees of initiates
The unity of religious ideals
Part I, Book 3, chapter IV
(Suresnes, 27  July 1923)
Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan


Wali is the initiate whose will has come close to the divine will, and he shows it in the harmony which reigns in his own life. He is in harmony with friends, and he himself will be in harmony with the adversary also. He shows harmony with the changing weather and its different influences, and he is in harmony with all he eats and drinks. He is in harmony with the place in which he lives and moves about, and he harmonizes with all the atmospheres. So his will becomes the Will of God; in other words, the Will of God becomes his will. He does the work for which he is appointed, mostly in an unknown way. The greater a person is in spiritual advancement, the less assuming he becomes, and he avoids every show of piety or spirituality.

Ghauth is the next grade of the initiates. The influence of the Ghauth is wider. He gives up his personality wholly to the divine guidance. Therefore, in wherever district the Ghauth may be, an atmosphere will be created of protection from all kinds of dangers caused by floods and storms, by plagues and famines. Also he helps the spiritual well-being of a community.

Qutb is the third degree of a master of a still higher grade, whose mind becomes focused to the divine Mind and who has, to a smaller or greater extent, power over all elements, and influence upon life. There is an area given under his dominion in which he is responsible for the order and peace of souls.

Nabi is the apostle whose spirit reflects the Spirit of Guidance, called in Sanscrit Bodhisatva, whose work mainly is the giving of the Message in the form of a warning, awakening, preaching, teaching and inspiring those to whom he may be sent. He comes into the lives of those who are meant to be guided along the spiritual path. He is sent to the nations, when the nations are meant to change their conditions. He is sent to a community or race to give warnings. He is meant to be a reformer in the time when a reform is needed. He elevates individuals and bears a divine Message.

Rasul is the World-Messenger, who comes to the world for all the people in the time of the world's need, and brings with him that inspiration, influence and power which will harmonize humanity. He may be a king or a pauper, in all conditions he will fulfil the purpose of his coming on earth. Answering the cry of humanity, he fulfils the purpose of his mission on earth.

The question: Where does one receive the initiations of the higher orders? - may be answered that no man in the world has the power to give the above-said higher initiations. The great ones are initiated by God Himself, and they prove their initiations, not in their claims, but in their works.

The soul that rises to that stage where manhood finishes and God-head begins, enters the initiations of the spiritual hierarchy. But the soul, which has risen to that stage, is neither man nor God. He is not God, because he is a limited man; and he is not man, because he is God-conscious.




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