Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Mystical Life of the Prophet Muhammad

Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan


I consider it overbold on my part to venture upon writing these few pages dealing with the mystical side of the life of Muhammad, of whose praise cannot be fully spoken, whose mystery can never be fully expressed by the human tongue. And if there is anything that gives me courage to hold the pen to write these pages, it is only my trust in the divine perfection.


Muhammad has not been presented to the Western world in the way he should be. On one hand there has been misunderstanding about his life, on the other hand there is enquiry of the truth-seeking souls about himself and his teaching. The books that exist to-day in the English language being generally not written by those who had an intimate insight into the subject of Islam, very often full justice has not been done to the life of the Master. There are works by our most capable writers such as Sir Syed Ahmad, the author of "Essays on Muhammad and his teachings", and Maulvi Amir 'Ali, who has written a magnificent work called "The Spirit of Islam", which are in no way lacking in giving the true conception of Islam and its message. Therefore I do not see a great need of touching upon the historical part of the Prophet's life nor on the logical part of his teachings.


I have tried, therefore, to explain in these few pages the mystical side of the Master's life and his mission on earth, as requested by my friends in the Western world interested in esotericism - which, I feel, will serve as a guiding torch to the travellers on the path of truth.




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