Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan

Part 4
The privilege of being human
The Art of Being
Chapter 30
Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan


Sacrifice has been much misunderstood by those who practise it. It is thought that God will be pleased with the life of a goat that is offered - and which the sacrificers then keep for themselves. The bankbook is not sacrificed, property is not sacrificed, nor the house, nor the furniture, but a goat is brought and killed, and they make a feast.


It was taught to say when sacrificing: Allahu akbar, la ilaha ill' Allahu - God is great, none exists but God. This shows that the sacrifice of our animal self is meant by the law of sacrifice. We should sacrifice our time, our sleep, thinking, "Before my birth I slept and I do not know where I was. In the grave sleep is waiting for me. Now only is the time when I can work". Then the thought comes, "That day I felt as I should not feel, that time I spoke as I should not speak, that year I acted as I should not act. So many months and years, so much of my life is past, and nothing is done that was worthwhile". This makes us think that it is not too late to awaken.


If we can sacrifice our sleep to work for humanity, we should do it. If by having not such good food we can share with another, we should do it. If by having not such a nice dress we can give a dress to one who needs it, we should do it. If by having one dish instead of many we can share with someone who needs it, we should do that. If we can sacrifice our pleasures, our theatres, to give to others we should do it. We can sacrifice our anger when anger comes upon us. We can sacrifice our pride. We can bow to those who think little of us. There are many sacrifices that do not cost one penny. We can give some of our time if we cannot afford a great generosity. We can give our patience to those who need our patience. To those who want some liberty - very well, we can give liberty. I think all this is worthwhile sacrifice: we should do it.




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