Murshida Sharifa Lucy Goodenough

Translator's note

Memorial of Murshida Sharifa Goodenough
 Silsila Sufian

Elise Schamhart et Michel Guillaume


The aim of the translation is simply to make this Memorial available to English-speakers. It is a relatively literal translation in the hope that this will convey the meaning and atmosphere of the original. Where it was not possible to find the original English words of Hazrat Inayat Khan, the French was re-translated back into English, as indicated after such passages. The diary of Feizi van der Scheer, written in English though Netherlands was her first language, has been only slightly edited.

For me, doing the translation was a wonderful opportunity to learn more of the life of Murshida Sharifa, and of its meaning. She was held in the highest esteem by both of my parents Wazir and Zohra van Essen, who always had her portrait in a prominent place in their home and passed on their reverence for her. Wazir inherited Murshida Sharifa's desk, which has now come to me, and doing the translation seated at this desk, brought her ever-closer to me.

Magda Alberts van Essen, Cape Town, December 2013



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